Seasonal Prep

home maintenanceEach season of home ownership brings new challenges. Colder months need different preparation than do the warmer months. Warm weather will find the home owner needing to have cooling systems checked or roof checked from jim brown and sons roofing services. Changing worn parts and having a once over of the system will ensure its proper functioning for the duration of the season.

Once the fall begins to set in, the home owner will then have other responsibilities that need to be attended to. Among these can include gutter cleanings, checks of the roofing system, and maintenance on the heating system. In ground pools will also need cleaning and special chemicals added to them to keep them safe and healthy throughout the winter. Many owners consider covering pools to keep them free of debris.

Winter also poses special duties that need attention. Storm windows need to be put in place and assured they are in good condition. Chaulking around windows and doors to keep cooler air out can help to keep heating costs down and save money. Another thing that can be dealt with in winter is changing filters on heaters and making sure that all parts are functioning properly.

Spring will bring about the need to clean up the yard and put down new plantings. Pools will be opened up and a yearly cleaning will need to be performed. Removal of debris and old leaves from gutters will be done in spring, and many will have a professional come in and spray for pests.

Being Prepared

The best advice for the new home owner is to be prepared. If they are not sure what to be prepared for, having a rainy day fund available is the best medicine. Owning a home is a challenging, yet rewarding task. The repairs and maintenance can sometimes be a hassle and stress, but having a place to call home offers security and peace of mind.

home maintenanceIf wanting something a little more tangible, many realtors offer a checklist for new home owners and even renters. These go from top to bottom with things that need yearly maintenance as well as things that should be done on a seasonal basis. Starting with chimneys and cleanings, as well as checking foundations and waterproofing of basemeents in order to walk the individual through all the necessary maintenance tasks.

Owning a home is definitely not for the slight of heart. Sometimes vermin will have to be removed, and sometimes there will be things that need cleaning or removal that are definitely far from pleasant. Home ownership is the reward in and of itself, and when the home is well cared for it will show and bring pride and accomplishment to the owner.

Knowing what one is getting into is the key. If the person does not want to do a ton of work, then they should be well prepared to fork out some dough to keep up the home. Having a home is having safety and security and the effort is well worth it.